Usage Guidelines

Posters, banners, fliers, etc. may not be taped, stapled, or affixed in any manner to walls, windows, or doors in the MCC.

All original fixtures (posters, banners, etc.) in the MCC must remain in place.

Posters and fliers must meet University Posting Regulations. See The RSO Handbook, Published by Student Activities and Leadership Programs (SA&LP), for details.

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) may post two fliers on the available general posting boards in the Trimpe building but not on walls, windows, or doors of the Multicultural Center.

Sound Restrictions, During regular business hours M-F, 9AM to 5PM, You must be aware that business is occuring in Trimpe Hall and sound must be kept at a respectful level.

We ask for your cooperation in keeping the MultiCultural Center clean. If the tables and floors are in disarray, the tables must be wiped down and the floors vacuumed.

Staff on Duty are not responsible for Technological support beyond on/off operation.

RSO or WMU department sponsoring event is responsible for all copyright and rights management for media during event.


No tapes, tacks, nails, pins, staples, etc. may be used on any papered, panelled, or painted surfaces or on any walls, mirrors, windows, curtains or doors.

Freshly cut flowers, properly maintained live trees, plants and shrubs may be used for decorative purposes.

Decorations must never obstruct or hinder the use of any exit doors.

Fire Safety

In any regulated occupancy, only non-combustible or flame resistant materials may be used for decorating purposes. The test for the above is any material that will not flash or produce a fast burning fire.

No open-flame lighting devices shall be used. Candles are not allowed in the MultiCultural Center. No open-flame lighting devices shall be used. Candles are not allowed in the multicultural center. Any exception to this guideline must receive written approval for each instance.

The Multicultural Center staff and local fire officials have the authority to control the amount of decorative material within this building. For safety purposes, lights may not be completely turned off during evening events.

Policies Regarding Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

The MultiCultural Center will not store any decorative items or equipment for any student or student organizations.

Per University policy, students and RSOs are prohibited from possessing or consuming alcoholic beverages on University property or in University buildings. This includes the MultiCultural Center.

Organizations will be held responsible for the condition of rooms used. Any damage will result in a direct charge to the organization or individual making the reservation. Any exception to these guidelines must receive written approval for each instance.